Build Your Own Land Rover or Range Rover

Build Your Own Range Rover or Land Rover in Broomfield

Instead of shopping around Denver for your ideal Range Rover, why not build a Range Rover of your own? At Land Rover Flatirons, you can create a custom Range Rover that has all the features you want and looks exactly like the image you have in your mind. Everything from the performance to the colors to the interior carpet is all able to be customized exactly to your liking. Once the Land Rover building process is finished, and it looks just the way you want it, we’ll help you take care of the rest. 

How to Build Your Own Range Rover or Land Rover

How does the Land Rover building process work? All you have to do is choose the model you want on our page and click “Build your own”. You’ll then be redirected to the Land Rover website, where you’ll follow these steps: 


  • Bodystyle: Select the body style you want for your future Land Rover vehicle. 
  • Model: After you find the body style you want, choose from any of the different Land Rover models. 
  • Engine: Some models come with different engine options, so choose the engine that will help you get the performance you want on the Boulder roads. The capabilities and specifications of each engine are detailed and easy to read, so you’ll be able to decide which engine is right for you. 
  • Specification Packs: This is where the customization really comes into play. You’ll be able to choose from any available performance or convenience packages available for your model. 


From there, you’ll be able to customize the interior and exterior just the way you want it, being able to choose from things like roof rails to fabric seating and more. After you have everything customized to your liking, you’ll then be directed to the summary page. Here, you’ll be able to go over any details and finalize your order. For any other questions about the process, reach out to our finance team at Land Rover Flatirons. 

Build Your Range Rover or Land Rover at Land Rover Flatirons

Contact us to create a custom Range Rover or Land Rover that you can’t wait to show off around Broomfield. When your order is complete, we’ll let you know as soon as it arrives at our dealership for pickup.



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