February 18th, 2016 by

Some time ago, we were presented with a great opportunity to appear on prime time T.V. but we realized that there was one single issue that was holding us back: we didn’t have any fresh and up to date spots. Digging, we discovered opportunities within challenges. We contact our long-time friend, Dave Ridgway from Blue Mesa Media (//, to help us produce three new spots. One would be a general spot showcasing the boutique-like shopping experience at Land Rover Flatirons while the two other spots would emphasize on the two newest and hottest models in our lineup: Evoque and Discovery Sport.

Production would consume four days worth of shooting with locations within the showroom walls of Land Rover Flatirons, the cold windy nights of LoDo, navigating through the relentless crowds of Pearl Street and then ending with the beautiful backdrop of the renown Flatirons. Granted, none of this could have been achieved if it was not for the efforts of the staff, the Hires family for the last minute talent request and the relentlessness for perfection from Blue Mesa Media.

Be on the lookout for our new spots as they should start airing on Denver Channel 9 and through various online outlets. See if you can recognize all the different local spots.


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