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Technology \tek-?nä-l?-j?\: to makes one life easier with just a push of a button and when executed properly, to make one to appear suave to their fellow peers. All of this is true when the tech we speak is of relevance.  With that said, I present to you, the center of the high tech car cabin, the infotainment system. Let’s all soak in with all of those sweet “apps” that are built in vehicles like Pandora, Weather Report, Stock Tickers, Yelp.

With today’s high tech car infotainment system, you would most likely compare your next gen cabin to the likes of your new iPhone. Unfortunately, you’re shackled to what came with your car. In other words, you’re not able to update or add functionality like you could with a simple download of apps like you could with your iPhone.

Oh but the wizards at Land Rover foreseen this dilemma hence the birth of InControl Apps. Available in all Land Rover vehicles*, InControl Apps technology allows vehicle-optimized apps on your smartphone to be controlled via your Land Rover touchscreen such as Calendar, Contacts and Music. Third-party apps are available to download expanding the range of services and functionality. Currently, the InControl Apps feature is only available for Android and Apple iPhone. To utlizie Incontrol Apps tech, you simply connect your smartphone with the appropriate USB cable connected to the dedicate USB port. Welcome to the true meaning of technology!

*For more details or to see a demonstration of Land Rover InControl Apps, please contact your Land Rover Flatirons or your Encore specialist.

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