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Wife waking up in the middle night wondering if you locked the door? Tired of depending on your significant other to remember where you parked at Disney? Wondering if you recorded your mileage to submit to your die-hard accountant?

With Land Rover InControl Remote & Protect, not only can you save yourself from the frustration and a possible divorce lawyer, the complimentary tool provides a wealth of information available on most Android and Apple iOS smartphones. The ability to check your fuel level, locate your vehicle within an urban jungle, record your trips, lock/unlock the doors and even to ability to check if you left your windows/sunroof opened.


The Protect functionality includes the pair of  overhead button adjacent to the rear view mirror which are the SOS Emergency Call and the Optimized Land Rover Assistance buttons. The SOS Emergency Call, located to the right side of the overhead console, can be deployed manually by pressing the button or automatically in an event of an airbag deployment or vehicle rollover. The Optimized Land Rover Assistance button can be deployed via the smartphone app or by pressing on the button located on the left side of the overhead console. If the Optimized Land Rover Assistance button is activated over the overhead console, information such as vehicle location and health are sent during the event of vehicle breakdown.

Land Rover InControl Remote & Protect is available on the full 2016 Land Rover line up. Some functions, such as remote start, are only available on certain vehicles and may become available in future updates later this year.

With Land Rover InControl Remote & Protect, the Land Rover ownership exerpience is more enjoyable than ever . To learn more, visit your Land Rover Flatirons dealer for more information or visit the Land Rover InControl Remote & Protect FAQ page: //

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