Off-Road Test Course

April 20th, 2016 by

To fully understand the deep rooted heritage and reputation of a Land Rover, one would need either a Delorean with a flux capacitor or to be able to drive off the smooth glass pavements driven by commoners. Located on the property of Land Rover Flatirons, an off-road test course demonstrates the all terrain capability of the Land Rover family. During the brief excursion, the Sales Guide will showcase various technical engineering feats such as the rigid construction of the Land Rover during axle articulation, the surefooted of the 4-wheel drive system and the tractable Hill Descent Control (HSC).

Most Land Rover retailers have a demonstration course that would put a Land Rover of your desire through its paces. The next time you should be around the Superior/Boulder area, feel free to request a Sales Guide or setup a future appointment at your Land Rover Flatirons for this one of a kind demonstration.

Not only will a Land Rover will get your through the thickest of your off-road adventures, these same features will help keep you and your family safe during unfavorable driving conditions. Check out the video above feature the Land Rover LR4 and our very own Sales Guide, Adam Golsteyn, exhibits aptitude and heritage of Land Rover engineering.



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